Angelyn and Rosie

Angelyn & Rosie

Angelyn is the SCK9SAR Team Leader. She started her K9 SAR career in 2008 in Southern California with CARDA (California Rescue Dog Association). She was a certified K9 handler on three teams in California before moving to Skagit County in 2016. Over her K9 SAR career, Angelyn has certified in Trailing, HRD, and Water. In 2017 she restarted the Skagit County K9 unit and has been working with her teammates since then to develop the unit. She is currently working with her partner BellaRose in Trailing and HRD. She is also a certified member of the Ground SAR unit and Vice President of the Skagit SAR Council.

What Angelyn loves about her dog BellaRose, a 2 year old English Shepherd: “Rosie is such a happy dog. She loves making new human friends when she finds her subjects at training. And she is advancing quickly in her HRD training. I am looking forward to her long SAR career!”

Something Angelyn wants you to know about K9 SAR: Our dogs are spoiled and very well cared for. They are our pets as well as our partners. They have great lives!

Patti and Daisy

Patti & Daisy

After graduating from the Ground SAR academy in 2017, Patti jumped in to help Angelyn Gates restart the K9 unit. Although Patti is new to Search and Rescue she is enthusiastic and hardworking. She is the Training Leader for the K9 unit, the Skagit SAR Council Secretary, and a certified GSAR member. In early 2018 Patti got her first SAR puppy Daisy Mae Little Flower, a beagle, to do Trailing. Now two years old, Daisy is searching the trails and streets of Skagit County and is the K9 unit’s best PR pup! Keep an eye out for Patti and Daisy in your community.

What Patti loves about Daisy Mae: “Daisy Mae is a great companion and general goofball, bringing joy to our team with her antics, keeping the work fun. At the same time, she is a strong-willed, determined powerhouse always anxious to get on a trail to find her lost person. Hoping for many years ahead with my SAR dog!”

What Patti wants you to know about K9 SAR: “Our dogs are our pets and best friends. They have excellent care and enjoy their work with their handler.”



Deanne first joined Snohomish K9 Search & Rescue in 2008 after getting an active Australian Shepherd puppy and after almost getting lost herself in the rugged wilderness terrain of the PNW. She decided her dog could use a job to do and she could learn new survival skills, while at the same time assisting people. She has since relocated to Skagit County, WA where she now is an active member of the Skagit County K9 SAR team.

Puppy Alert!! Deanne is excited to announce that her new Aussie mix puppy has arrived. She and the pup are just beginning to play fun socialization and SAR related puppy games in preparation for when the the pup is old enough to begin official training.

What Deanne wants you to know about K9 SAR: How much our dogs love training! We channel the dogs natural prey drive into fun games that the dogs love. The dogs love both the work and the rewards. Deanne also wants people to know that for us SAR is a lifestyle. It takes about 1 1/2 – 2 years to train and certify a SAR K9 and we train up to 3 days per week, in all weather. It’s a lot of fun when you have the passion and dedication.



Dave first joined Skagit Ground SAR in 2014 and has been an active SAR member since then. Dave is currently a Field Tech on the K9 team and will start training a Labrador Retriever puppy as a K9 Handler this fall.

What Dave likes about Labs: Dave previously owned and trained Labrador Retrievers for Field work. He finds the breed very sociable, trainable and very adept at working in the field.

What Dave wants you to know about K9 search and rescue: Dave looks forward to training his K9 to find people who are lost. Time is crucial in the PNW when it comes to finding them. Canines with their sensitive noses are of great assistance.