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Technical Support

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In order for a dog team to be deployed, at least one certified Technical Support member must accompany the dog team. The “Tech Support” member is vital to the search. The Tech Support member is adapt in land navigation, first aid, radio communications, and survival. READ MORE Because the dog handlers job is to work their job, which requires full attention to the dog, each dog team needs the assistance of the Tech Support member to ensure their safety and to assist in communicating the team’s location to Command and provide assistance to the lost or missing person when found. Without Technical Support members our dog teams would be unable to do the job and the search effort would be without a significantly valuable resource. Technical Support members can be certified dog handlers, dog handlers in training, or members who do not intend to work a dog. They are equal and valued members of the dog team. Once a “Senior Member” our Technical Support members are also qualified to run “Dog Ops” which is the commander of the dog unit on the scene of an actual search and rescue operation.