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Water Dogs

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Water search Dogs work on, in and around water searching for drown people or human remains. They can search from shorelines, in creeks, and on rivers and lakes. In some circumstances these dogs can also be effective on sound in areas where the water is not too deep and the currents not too strong.  The handlers work the dogs either from the shoreline or in the boat.  READ MORE Our Water Dogs works from specially fitted boats and learn to ‘drive’ the boat to the location where the scent is escaping the surface of the water (the “source”).  With this information, Command can use known information about the specific body of water, such as temperature, depth, and current, to determine where the body or remains would most likely be found.  Some Water Dogs will jump out of the boat when they get close to the source and swim to the location where the odor is escaping the surface and swim a figure-eight around the source. Other dogs will remain in the boat and ‘drive’ the boat to the source.  While these dogs do not need to swim to the source, they must be able to swim and pass tests demonstrating comfort in and around water. They may or may not wear floatation vests depending on the circumstances of their assignment. Their handlers participate in significant training in order to not only work their dogs but also be safe and skilled at the tasks needed to search in and on the water.